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Welcome to Intercell, the home of transcendent, techno-oriented, electronic music events. Our journey began in 2015, when founders Bas van Wersch and Denzel Zurburg organized illegal raves in Amsterdam. At the time, hard techno styles were making their mark in the Netherlands, and out of love for music and curiosity about everything new, Intercell became the stage for foreign techno artists. We introduced many Dutch debuts, pushing the spectrum of the local techno scene forward.

Today, Intercell has earned a reputation for organizing unique events that embody the intimate atmosphere of an illegal rave, while remaining accessible and welcoming to all. Our visitors know their artists and their music, but we also challenge them with upcoming names, underground DJs, and unexpected new projects of big headliners.

Intercell is not simply a music event, but rather a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle platform that caters to all techno music enthusiasts.

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